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How to win at authoring: Course Overview

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An introduction to ‘how to win at authoring’


Every budding author needs to understand the key steps that will allow them to rise to the top despite their obvious lack of talent. Via the use of underhand tactics, lying, cheating, and other activities that will make your mother cry with shame this course will lead to up to one book sale for participants (especially if you buy your own)

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to become a bestseller or, for the less delusional amongst us, a seller. Top authors such as J.K. Rowling and Stephen King will tell you their success is a product of hard work. Once we’ve accepted they’re lying, and are actually using some sort of evil trick to achieve said success, we can seek to emulate it. We aim this course at those looking to level the playing field against these scoundrels.

Learning Outcomes

– Understand that ideas are hard to come by, and learn how to best to steal them

– Key tips for writing something that, while still awful, is at least marketable

– Learn how to make yourself publishable by making yourself memorable or “infamous”

– Create ongoing success that can lead to up to one book sale a year


The course is completely free.

If it wasn’t, we’d have to offer a money back guarantee and seeing as the admin costs of the 100% refund rate would actually cost us money we thought, why bother?

Course Dates

The course parts will be delivered on the first Saturday of every month from March – December 2018.

Course Location

Online with no traffic (oh wait, that’s a bad thing)

Course Director

Mark Ayre is the best selling author in the flat he shares with his non-author girlfriend.

Having sold upwards of 10 books, Mark realised he has now outsold over 93% of the authors who have already written ‘how-to’ guides for writing success if you discount sales of said how-to guides.

Having failed completely to launch his own writing career, he thought it was time to start giving some of his wisdom back to the writing community in the hope they might suffer as he has, thus making his own achievements look marginally better by comparison.

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It’s a blog course.

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