All Your Secrets

James Perry Mysteries – Book 2
His body lies on his office floor, multiple stab wounds having shredded his white shirt and the chest beneath it.  

There has been no break-in. The killer was either invited, or already had a key.  

James Perry has been trying to forget the dark events of his past, but it was he who was sent to pick up the victim. He who found the body.

The victim is Harris Chappell, nephew of James’ girlfriend. He was quiet, kind, and intelligent. No one knows of any enemies. 

But the quiet exterior hid a darker truth. 

Forced to investigate by a grieving mother, James learns of Harris’ abusive tendencies, and prays there will not be another murder.

But the killer has something to hide – and they’re not done yet. 

As James continues to push, he soon discovers he may not just be the unwilling investigator, but the next victim as well.

MARK AYRE is the author of two James Perry books, The Black Sheep’s Shadow and All Your Secrets, as well as the stand-alone novel, Poor Choices. Learn more at