The Black Sheep's Shadow

James Perry Mysteries – Book 1

They see the body down an alley. Hair matted with blood from a blow recently struck. They call the police and try to stop the bleeding.

Somewhere nearby, a mother screams. Her nine year old son has been taken.

James Perry is new to the picturesque village where these ugly crimes have taken place.

In a few short hours, he becomes enchanted by the family of the young boy who will disappear, believing them to be the perfect unit. 

But every family has secrets.

Charlie’s father Luke, who has not been seen for months, leaves a note confessing to having taken the boy, and claims no one will ever see them again.

With dark memories from his past brought to the surface by the kidnapping, James becomes determined to find and bring the child home safely.

As he continues to investigate, the truth behind Luke’s departure comes to light, and James soon discovers that some families will go to any lengths to protect their secrets.

The Black Sheep’s Shadow is a gripping missing person mystery with plenty of twists and turns. Book one in the James Perry Series.