Cloak and Shield

Adam and Eve Thrillers – Book 5

Adam and Eve are on the loose but far from free…

Having escaped their cells, Adam and Eve plan to find each other and escape the organisation for good. Before they can, Adam strives to save a figure from his past, while Eve must face up to one from hers.

Delayed by personal quests, the twins nevertheless attempt to take out the guards that pursue them one by one. But, no matter how many they kill, the firepower they face seems to increase with each passing minute.

Seeing no alternative, Eve is ready to unleash the full force of her power in aid of the twins’ victory, and it seems no foe can stand in her way. But it soon begins clear that while Eve may be able to destroy the army on their tail, the organisation they have for so long feared is no longer their greatest threat.

An inhuman roar tears through the building. Something new is coming, and even standing shoulder to shoulder at the height of their powers, this is one threat Adam and Eve may be unable to defeat…

From Mark Ayre comes Cloak and Shield; book five in the Adam and Eve series of fast-paced and action-packed thrillers fans of Dean Koontz, Lee Child and James Patterson will not be able to put down.