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A single-minded, ruthless defender of the innocent, Abbie is unable to turn her back on someone in need.

So when Abbie takes a late-night stroll and spies two men breaking into a bungalow, she follows them inside and saves the young homeowner’s life.

Abbie believes this will be the end of her involvement. But actions have consequences. And Abbie’s interference soon gets her caught in the crossfire between a corrupt businesswoman and a deadly gang responsible for multiple armed robberies.

The stakes are high. Abbie was never supposed to become involved in this particular battle. But now that she has, she’ll see it through to the end. 

Even if it kills her…

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International worst-selling author Mark Ayre has been writing since before he could pick up a pen (somehow). An author of mystery and suspense novels including the James Perry Series of mysteries.

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