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Day 71: 4am wake up & Bright Future’s bright beginning

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Sophie woke us at four this morning.

If you have or have had a child of 71 days old, around ten weeks, you’re probably thinking, so, isn’t that normal?

Fay is part of a few new mum groups, so I know there are a lot of people dealing with sleepless nights. Babies waking every couple of hours for feeding. Refusing to settle. That kind of thing.

Just like how it is on the telly.

But Sophie’s never been like that. From the beginning, she’s had a pretty solid routine, whereby she’d fall asleep around ten, and wake up around six.

I know, we’re lucky. I get that. It means she’s up more in the day, and she’ll never sleep unless she’s being held by either Fay or me during the daylight hours, whereas she sleeps in the cot at night, but that’s totally a trade-off I’m up for, to have proper night sleeping.

I’m also well aware that ‘sleep regression’ is a real issue for a lot of parents when the light sleep cycle kicks in around four months.

I’m trying not to think about that.

As well as, or perhaps because of, waking up earlier than normal, Sophie has slept a lot during the day. Like A LOT. To the point Fay got a bit worried, which in turn made me very worried.

She woke up when we were having dinner, though, and was a complete delight (not normal when we’re trying to eat). That helped put our minds at rest.

From nine until eleven-thirty in the morning, she slept on my chest, and for a similar amount of time, if not longer, in the afternoon, she slept mostly on Fay’s chest, and a little on mine.

It’s unheard of for Sophie to go down for that length of time during the day, but I suppose we shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

What it meant was, I got a lot more reading than planned done. Last night I started The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz, and the plan was to get to around page fifty today. But, because of the amount of time Sophie spent sleeping on my chest, I got nearer 300.

Naturally, this meant less writing time.

Today was my official start date on the first draft of Bright Future, which will be the second book (unless you count book 1.5, a novella), in my new Bright Adams series, which is due to launch in January 2020.

Despite today being the official start, I’d actually planned to have already had 4,000 words done, and today I would get up to 5,000.

That was before I took yesterday off, which meant I went into today on only 2,000 words, with a plan to get to 3,000.

Luckily, I got quite a bit of writing time between three and six this afternoon, and then again between nine and now (half eleven.)

In the end, that meant I got 3,000 words done on Bright Future, taking me up to the 5,000 words I had originally intended, while I also did a thousand words on the second draft of the first book, Bright, which took me to 71,000.

All in all, a really good day for reading, writing, and Sophie.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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