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Day 75: Faults & Adaptability

I’m writing this post on my phone again.

Which is to say it’s been a horrible few days.

Last time I wrote, three nights ago. I’d just managed to do my thousand words on Bright Future draft one but had failed to do my thousand on Bright draft two. All because Sophie wouldn’t sleep unless she was on my chest.

Two nights ago, a dodgy stomach kept me from doing my work. Though I wrote a bit in bed and still hit a thousand words on Bright Future while doing nothing on Bright. 

Same story in terms of output one night ago, though this time the words I did I did on lunch  at work. At home I could do nothing because the files from work wouldn’t upload onto my laptop. This also kept me from writing at lunch today.

So, tonight, when I should have finally had some writing time, laptop being sorted, stomach being healthy, I’ve actually ended up on less words than I did yesterday.


Well, when I work on my laptop I edit when I go. This is much more difficult on the phone I use in bed and the iPad I use at work, so I went back and edited most of those words tonight, cutting 200.

It would have been all, rather than most, those words except Sophie started crying at half eleven, at which point I shut down my laptop, and put her on my chest at bed.

She’s asleep now. I’m trying not to resent her.

Actually, the real reason I didn’t get more work done is because I started way too late. I played a game with Fay. This is fine because she was feeding our daughter and doesn’t deserve to suffer alone.

Doesn’t stop me being depressed.

I also did more reading of my latest book, Fool Me Once, by Harlan Coben. Of course, I didn’t have to do that. I could have done it now.

I titled this post faults and adaptability. I’ve covered the faults (broken laptop, upset stomach, child) so I suppose I should mention adaptability.

I guess what I mean is I have to get more used to writing away from the optimal conditions of my laptop. That way, I can be more productive away from my desk.

Mum really going to try that. But not tonight. Tonight I’m just really depressed not to have hit my target.


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