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Day 80: Good England & bad sci-fi

Where did I leave things last night?

Oh yes, our new routine with Sophie had turned her into a night sleeping machine. We were delighted.

Well, like last night, I’ve got to ten-thirty, and she hasn’t woken, and like last night I’m hoping she will sleep until six am.

However, last night this was not something she achieved, waking at 2 am, at which point Fay had to settle her because once I’m asleep, an Earthquake couldn’t wake me.

What this meant was Fay, who was feeling unwell anyway, couldn’t take Sophie to their mother and baby group this morning, so I lost some expected writing time on my week off.

Did I mention I’m having a week off?

Instead, I sat with Sophie this morning, which is fine. I love looking after her, and she’s been a delight all day. Also, I didn’t fail to do my writing.

This afternoon I sat down and, just like yesterday, knocked out 2,000 words on Bright Future, bringing the total to 12,000. 2,000 ahead of schedule.

I thought I would get a chance to do a fair bit of editing on Bright tonight if we settled Sophie quickly, too.

We did, but I had forgotten England had a qualifier for the 2020 Euro’s (in football), so I had to watch that from 19:45 until about ten pm.

Luckily, we played brilliantly, at times, and won 5-3. So I don’t regret watching it.

Football finished, I came through and, like last night, edited a thousand words of Bright, taking me to 77,000, and throwing me right into the climax.

As with last night, I could probably write another thousand words at least. It’s even earlier than last night, actually, only twenty to eleven. But again I’m tired, and I’ve done more than my daily targets, so I’m going to finish this blog, get into bed, and do a bit of reading before going to sleep.

Speaking of reading.

Last night I spoke of how I was reading all of Dean Koontz’s books I could hold of from his first, and that meant starting with his sci-fi ones, even though I don’t like sci-fi, and his early writing was not great in terms of plot, pacing, story, dialogue, etc.

So, today, having finished The Couple Next Door while Sophie slept on my chest, I started Anti-Man, the next Koontz sci-fi book I have. I got two chapters in and realised I wasn’t paying attention. I was skipping through pages to get it done, and I thought, why am I bothering?

In the end, I binned off Anti-Man and the book that follows it—jumping to Koontz’s first suspense thriller, written originally under a pen name, Chase. 

I feel much better about this decision and can’t wait to start going through his earlier works in genres I can enjoy.

That’s it for now. Time to spell check this mess, then it’s off for a bit of reading, and bed.

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