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Day 85: Mattresses and eleven o clock stop

Since Fay moved in with me just under two years ago, there have been two things she cannot stand, that she would seek to change at the earliest opportunity.

My matress and my personality.

She’s been chipping away at the latter for a good time now, but it appears I’ll always be awful. Shame.

However, after many months of the mattress getting worse and worse, to the extent Fay had started sleeping at the other end of the bed, I relented and suggested we get a new one.

As of today, said mattress, sparkly and new, is on our bed.

Fay is sleeping on it now.

It’s great. I’m happy she’s happy. Plywood would have been cheaper but…

My only concern has to do with how well Fay will sleep. It won’t be an issue with me. I can sleep on anything and through anything.

And I’m not worried Fay won’t sleep well, but that she’ll sleep too well. Already Sophie screaming in the night doesn’t wake me up. What if now Fay sleeps so well she, also, doesn’t hear our daughter’s screams.

Wouldn’t that be awful?

Then again, maybe that’d be how she’d learn to self soothe, which would be brilliant.

We’ll have to see.

As for my writing, after another couple of days off my main project, Bright Future, I decided to tweak things a little again.

Instead of writing until I reach an exact thousand (which looks pretty in my spreadsheet but which harms my productivity as I never think, oh I’ll write 200 words to get something done), I’m going to write until 11 o clock and then stop. Unless I”ve not done my target for teh day. In this case, I’ll take a view. If I feel broken, I’ll go to bed, if not I’ll carry on and finish.

I started today and failed miserably. I stopped at 22:52 instead of eleven (in fact the clock has just hit 23:00 as I write this sentence. Oh, now it’s 23:01), and I did reach 17,000 words.

Oh, so sue me. If it had been earlier than 22:52, I would have kept going.

I’ll be better tomorrow, I promise.

That’s it for today, except for mentioning my reading, which has been going well what with the ten hours I spent int he car over the last couple of days. That meant I got to read Guillem Ballugue’s biography in the first person of Mauricio Pottechino, and another of Dean Koontz’s early books, Children of the Storm.

The former of these, written to cover one of Spur’s seasons, was fascinating. The latter was good, but not great — a middle of the road thriller.

That’s all for now.

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