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Day 88: Spreadsheets & bare minimum

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Like all super cool groovy people, I love spreadsheets.

Obsessed with them.

Especially formulas.

If you had a look at my writing spreadsheet, you would not believe I’d wasted so much time setting up such pointless stuff.

When I put in the start date of the first draft of my next book (Bright), it automatically works out when I’ll have to finish, start the next draft, finish the next draft, and on and on until release.

It also works out when I have to start my next project, and on and on, across the next however many projects.

Then, whenever I finish a draft, I overwrite the formula in that cell and it recalculates everything after that point to keep things in place.

Also, the final column, which is the release date, automatically populates the calendar sheet next door, showing when all my books will come out, should I stick to schedule.

Finally, I have my works in progress sheet. Based on my start and finish date, and how much I’ve written so far, it tells me how much I need to write each day.

For example, today I needed to write a minimum of 979 words of Bright Future to stay on target. This was up from yesterday (973) because yesterday I only did 500 words.

Today I’ve done 1,500 so tomorrow’s target is down to 972.

If I continue to hit the targets as often as possible, the latest I’ll finish this first draft is 30th November this year.

Things will get a little tougher when it comes to 30th September, at which point I’ll also need to start editing Bright again from the beginning, and then start Fading Bright, the novella that will come between Bright and Bright Future.

Given Sophie has not been sleeping great recently, and it’s only likely to get worse as she comes towards four months old, I’m not sure how that will go yet.

We can only wait and see and do our best.

Problem at the moment is I’m doing a bare minimum. I should be trying to hit 2,000 words a day, but I’m so tired. Also, I’m still reading a book or two a week and watching Stranger Things, which all takes time.

And this blog.

Which I’m going to stop for today. I’m keeping a list of things I want to talk about, and maybe I’ll get to them shortly.

We’ll see.

For now, it’s 22:58, and I”m saying goodnight.

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