Lost and Found

Adam and Eve Thrillers – Book 2

When running is no longer an option, will the twins give up hope – or fight to survive?

Though Adam and Eve have once again escaped their pursuers, they soon learn that running is no longer an option.

Knowing they cannot remain free while their enemy’s new and incredibly advanced tracker is operational, they endevour to destroy it. The only snag? They have to find it first.

To learn its location, Adam and Eve launch an assault on the home of the man who has for so long run the operation charged with capturing the twins. Soon, they have him cornered. Has the element of surprise finally given them an easy victory, or in entering the lion’s den have they merely walked into a trap from which it will be impossible to escape?

Lost and Found is book two in the gripping, fast-paced and action-packed Adam and Eve series from thriller author Mark Ayre which fans of Dean Koontz, Lee Child and James Patterson will not be able to put down.