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Man vs Bookshelf: Awkward Situations for Men

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I’m drumming my fingers on my desk. Eastenders is on – not conducive to hard work. I’m staring down the barrel of another review and wondering what on Earth I’m going to write.

Suppose I should start with what’s easy, right? Build on that.

Okay, so let’s talk about —

Danny Wallace and Me

How do I know of Danny Wallace? I suppose it was because of Yes Man.

Not the original book, written by Wallace mind, but the Jim Carrey fronted film based on it.

It was a good film. Still is, I imagine. After someone gave me the book and I flicked through it, but never finished it. Now it’s gone, so I’ll likely never finish it.

This should be seen as no reflection on Danny or the quality of his writing. I wasn’t feeling it at the time. Couldn’t get into it.

You know how it is.

I’ve never read a Danny Wallace book until now.

Awkward Situations for Men

‘Awkward SItuations’ is a collection of short pieces written by Danny Wallace for various magazines and compiled in one volume to make a little extra money off suckers.

Like me.

These are stories from his life, told in that unique Danny Wallace way. They cover a wide range of topics from lies in anecdotes to calling a friend you can see and watching him reject the call.

Each is well written. They are light, humorous and incredibly relatable, as is the Danny Wallace way.

If you know of Wallace and enjoy his works such as Yes Man, I’d give this ago. If you like humorous, article length real-life stories about mishaps and funny situations, this is for you.

If you only like high fantasy about dragons and breasts – probably give this one a miss.

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