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Man vs Bookshelf: Introduction

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Over a three year period, my Uncle Colin gambled away everything he had. Home, pension, car. He even lost his wife after betting his daughter in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em.

He told me all this while sitting on my sofa; part of his plea to let him stay at mine for a while.

He said I would never understand what it was like to suffer an addiction.

But he was wrong.

I have my addiction. One that has affected me for many years, but to which I have never been able to admit.

Until today.

I’m addicted to buying books.

That’s right. Buying books. Not even reading them. I’m like an alcoholic who spends all his money on alcohol then chucks the full bottles away. Books I’ve never read surround me. They’re piled high on my shelves. They litter my floor. They infest my dreams.

Until my uncle’s story, I’d never considered this affliction. But his words had a powerful effect on me.

After sending him away to begin his life as a homeless person (no room to stay at mine, too many books), I decided it was time to face my addiction.

So here goes. A challenge to combat my problem.

I will not buy another book until I have read (or re-read) every single book in my flat.

It’s a daunting feat and will leave me a long time without engaging in my favourite hobby of buying books I’ll never read. But it’s necessary, and it gives me something to blog about, which is a bonus.

So it goes like this: 210 books, 210 weeks (that takes us to 2021 if you’re wondering).

Due to my eclectic tastes, the books range from Stephen King to Darren Shan. From Anthony Horowitz to Douglas Adams. From Harlen Coben to David Walliams. I’ve got it all, and I’m going to read it all.

Some books I will love. Some will be meh. Some I will hate, but I’m going to get through them all. That’s the challenge.

And it begins today with a beefy book by Stephen King – Lisey’s Story.

Let’s get stuck in.

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