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Man vs Bookshelf: Kevin Master of the Universe

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A lot of the time when people write reviews for books or films or games or whatever else, they have to put a disclaimer at the start saying they either have no affiliation with the producer of the reviewed item and therefore please believe them or that they have indeed been paid to review the item but please believe them anyone because integrity.

Like that’s a thing.

I don’t bother with such items. No point. I’m insulting more often than not, and most of these reviews are such nonsensical drivel you couldn’t possibly believe someone would pay for them.

However, today’s books do require a disclaimer, not because I have been paid to review them (I wish) but because of my relationship with the author.

David C. Ayre, author of, amongst other things, the Kevin trilogy (of which I am reviewing the first two), the Mists of Time (which I will be reviewing some time in the near future) and The Doomsday Machine (out as of a couple of weeks ago, available at all good Amazon’s), is my grandfather on my mother’s side.

She calls him my maternal grandfather, but he’s never seemed particularly maternal to me.

Regardless, as you may be able to tell this makes these reviews challenging to write, and may even make you question their validity.

For one thing, I gave both of these books a five out of five on Goodreads. Some of you may call this disingenuous considering I said I didn’t feel anything could be given a five out of five because nothing was perfect.

Well, this isn’t family favouritism. It just turns out I was wrong, okay?

Kevin – Master of the Universe (1 & 2)

Kevin – Master of the Universe is the story of a young boy from Earth (called Kevin, coincidentally enough) who learns from some alien types that he is in fact, master of the universe (coincidentally enough).

Given his classic ten-year-old boy imagination, Kevin does not struggle to comprehend this information, and happily begins his lessons, learning how to use his crystal which primarily allows him to teleport.

Everything is going swimmingly until Kevin is taken to the galactic centre and meets the evil Duros, who does not want Kevin to be Master of the Universe.

Duros tries to abandon Kevin on a planet he has destroyed, then comes back to kill him and the villagers who have taken him in.

Now Kevin must find a new crystal to replace the one he left behind when Duros took him away, and a way to defeat Duros, in doing so saving the planet on which Duros ditched him.

All of which is a lot to achieve for a ten-year-old boy. I don’t know how he does it. I can barely get out of bed in the morning.

The sequel (Revenge of Duros) is about the Revenge of Duros (coincidentally enough) after he escapes from the planet on which he was serving his penance and tries to target the Earth in his plan to get revenge on Kevin.

So what did I think?

These books are fast-paced, easy reads. The kind of books that are perfect for kids who struggle to get into reading. They don’t spend ages pondering before getting to the action like in Harry Potter, it all just happens.

Look, I’m not going into it, okay? I gave them five stars on Goodreads and don’t you question my integrity.

Just go and buy these books, and buy the Doomsday Machine because, if you’re not supporting independent authors like my grandad and me, then who are you supporting?

James Patterson and he doesn’t need your support.

Get it together people.

Next time

Next up it’s on to a book written about my field of work. 

Day to day work, I mean, rather than writing work. 

It’s written by the founders of one of hte greatest marketing websites of all time. 

It is Inbound Marketing – Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers Online.

See you then. 

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