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Man vs Bookshelf: Outro

Given that, throughout the last few reviews and, especially, the stats blog, I’ve talked a lot about the end of the challenge, I’ve wondered if it is even worth doing an “outro”.

In the end, I decided it was. Not for any reason that would make sense to the casual observer, but because I’d already decided I was going to, and because it has a nice symmetry, given that I started with an intro.

In that blog, I talked about my made up uncle-can’t remember what I called him if I named him at all-and his horrible problems with addiction, how he had lost his wife trying to gamble his daughter. Had lost his home after betting away his fortune. He was a real down and out, and he came to me looking for help.

Why me? Of course, I’m his nephew. Family. But I have a brother, parents to whom he is presumably related–I never drew up a family tree, so can’t say for sure on which side–but why me?

I like to think it wasn’t just because he’s imaginary, and I’m the only person who can see him, or even knows he exists. I like to think he came to me because I’m trustworthy, honest, and always kind to those around me.

Yeah, that’s a thought I like.

Anyway, I can’t update you on him cause I’ve no idea where he went or what he did after I turfed him out of my house that day. I, of course, had other fish to fry. Other battles to fight. Demons to face.

My Bookshelf. The monster that loomed so large in my life, carrying its pus-filled 210 books.

Sorry, page-filled, that is—not pus.

And it’s a battle I won, and in great time to. Finishing Man vs Bookshelf feels like the perfect end to a chapter of my life. As it ends, I move out of the first flat I ever owned, and into a family home I own with my wife. My first child is on her way (Far too slowly if you ask Fay), and I’m ready to take on whatever chapter is next.

Six, I think.

Yeah, it sounds like a six.

Maybe I’ll start a new blog series for that.

Hey, you’ll have to wait and see.

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