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Man vs Bookshelf: The Last Stats

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It’s all over. My final review came out four days ago, and no one’s used to it yet. No one’s ready to let go. Well good news, you don’t have to! At just over 100 days and just over a year, I did a stats round-up of this challenge. At the time I promised I would do a third and final stats round-up once the challenge was over. I don’t tend to be a man of my word, but one time only, you’re getting what I promised.

Man vs Bookshelf: The stats roundup

Okay, so let’s check out the stats in their basic form, below, including the 102 days and 55-week numbers as well as the final numbers, then I’ll talk about them a bit.

Category The numbers (102 days) The numbers (55 weeks) The numbers (finished)
Days into challenge 102 382 585
Books read 28 122 210
Benchmark days 196 854 1,470
Days taken 102 382 585
Difference 94 472 885
Days remaining 1372 1092 903
Original predicted end 20/10/21 20/10/21 20/10/21
Current Predicted end 21/07/21 10/08/20 19/05/19
Days/ Book 3.64 3.13 2.79
Predicted end based on current read rate 15/11/19 31/07/19 19/05/19
Pages read 9,037 43,161 75,588
Pages per book 322.75 353.78 359.94
Pages per day 89 114 129

Days into challenge: 585

First off, congratulations, again.

Thank you! Again! I should say I’ve copied and pasted the last stats blog in here and I’m just updating the stats and tweaking the wording. Last couple of times I’ve said that I’ve never committed to anything for this long girlfriend notwithstanding, but that’s no longer true. Said girlfriend is now my wife. Life, am I right?

Last time I also hinted the challenge was tough, and it was getting me down. True. I also said that, despite this, I was determined to finish. Hey, look at that, I did.

Books read: 210

Wow, I did it, I actually did it. Honestly, picking up Lisey’s Story and Horrorwitz Horror, my first two books in this challenge (though after a last-minute switch, not in that order), feels like a million year ago. But it wasn’t. See below.

Benchmark Days: 1470; Days taken: 585; Difference: 885

One Thousand Four Hundred and Seventy Days. That, in words, is how long I expected this challenge to take me. That’s an incredible 4.02 years. In the end, it took me 1.60 years. I should only be 39.79% of the way through this challenge, but I’m 100%. Last year (2018, the only complete year on this challenge) I read a whopping 138 books. Basically… smashed it.

Days Remaining: 0/1470; Original Predicted End: 20/10/2021; Actual End: 19/05/2019

Kind of covered this above, huh?

Days/ Book: 2.79

The thing about long-running challenges like this, for me at least, is you tend to wane as you go along. You know, start fast, slow as you go. To my eternal shock, though, that was not the case, for me, with this challenge. At 102 days, I’d read a book every 3.64 days. At 55 weeks I’d read a book ever 3.13 days. And, with the challenge completed, I’ve read a book every 2.79 days across the entire show. That’s a massive increase over the last few months. This is perhaps highlighted by the last 20 books, which I read in forty days. Of the last ten, only three took longer than one day to read (two twos and a three). Basically, I wanted done. Not that the books made it easy to read them so quickly.

Pages read: 75,588; Pages/ book: 359.94; Pages/ day: 129

Leaving aside how many pages 75,588 pages is (lots), we can see that the length of books steadily rose throughout the challenge. 322.75 at 102 days, 353.78 at 55 weeks and 359.94 by the end. Yet, despite this, I managed to move my pages per day average across the entire challenge from a pitiful 89 at day 102 to an incredible 129 by the end. Wowzers

Okay, what do you think?

Oh, stats are sad, huh? Well screw you, I’m proud of myself. See you next time for the final lap, the curtain call, the outro

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