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Man vs Bookshelf: The Point

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What is the point?

No, I’m just wondering because I used to do a review per blog or series. I’m sure I remember that. Some of them weren’t very good, I confess. But some were crap.

Then, last week, I threw three non-related books together in one blog. Why? Because it made sense to do so. Because I knew two of them were not worth reviewing.

Honestly, I can’t even remember what they were.

After that, I wrote my diamond brothers review, but now we’re back to the next clump of stand-alone books, and once again I’m looking at them panicking.

Because what have I got?

First, there was Invitation to Terror. A book about –

Hang on, I can’t remember. It was something to do with terrorism.

It read like a textbook. A bad one. It was surface stuff, and I didn’t enjoy it one bit.

Genuinely, that’s all I can remember.

Next, there was Echoes Through the Mist of Time. This written by my grandfather, David Ayre, and therefore I can’t fairly review it, can I?

What I can do is send you to the blog I wrote about the previous two books I read by my grandfather, so check that out here.

Finally, we have Karlology, written by Karl Pilkington. This was funny, well written, and fascinating too.

But, again, I’ve already reviewed a book by Karl Pilkington, and I don’t think there is much point going down the road of talking about my love of Karl Pilkington yet again, so why not read my last attempt here?

So that’s all I’ve got for you this week. I know it’s not enough, but sometimes those we love let us down like I’m doing for you now.

My apologies

Next Time

They say that things can only get better, and while, more often than not, that isn’t true, it may well prove apt here.

Next up is the Demonata series by Darren Shan, and there’s plenty to write about with that.

I hope.

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