5 ways to generate ideas

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Everything begins with the idea. Simple as that. It doesn’t matter if you can craft beautiful dialogue. If your prose makes people accept the existence of God. Or if your metaphors are good like chocolate cake. That was a simile. Even if you have all that, it doesn’t matter. Not if the best idea you Read more about 5 ways to generate ideas[…]

About the course

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An introduction to ‘how to win at authoring’ Overview Every budding author needs to understand the key steps that will allow them to rise to the top despite their obvious lack of talent. Via the use of underhand tactics, lying, cheating, and other activities that will make your mother cry with shame this course will Read more about About the course[…]

Man vs Bookshelf: Grandpa’s Great Escape

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After struggling to get through Good Omens in the allotted time, I wanted to dive into a quick read. I choose Grandpa’s Great Escape. It may look beefy, and weigh in at over 450 pages, but don’t let that fool you. It is, after all, a kiddies book, and thus utilises BIG words and plenty Read more about Man vs Bookshelf: Grandpa’s Great Escape[…]

Should you murder your relative for the inheritance?

Here at Mark Ayre Towers (shed), my team and I (just me) like to bandy around the real hot button topics. The key issues we know you are desperate for answers on. Recently we cured heart break – you’re welcome – now we’re on to the next thing. The question you no doubt turned to Read more about Should you murder your relative for the inheritance?[…]

3 steps to making a success of writers groups

Having been banned from at least three writers groups, I know a lot about their value. Today I would like to discuss how you can use (/ exploit) them to further your career. But you’re thinking: “Mark, why would I join a writers group? Writing is a solitary art and, if the rest of the Read more about 3 steps to making a success of writers groups[…]

3 reasons you should read this blog

Uh oh, look what happened. You were trawling the web looking for something important, or insightful, or entertaining. Instead, you’ve dropped through the never ending circus of blogs and found this, my blog. Blog #758933022173827. You want to press backspace and try again. Some of you already have. But some of you are waiting, hovering Read more about 3 reasons you should read this blog[…]