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5 reasons continuous blogging is harder than you think

The problem with blogging is once you start, you can’t stop. At least, not if you want to be an effective presence on the internet.

And if you’re a writer, as I am, you kind of need a blog. Or, at least, it’s important in this modern writing landscape we find ourselves in.

Your blog is the centre point for your brand. It’s where you drive your social media traffic, promote your books, get newsletter sign-ups.

Most important, it’s where you get people to give a shit about you. It’s where you drive interest.

Because if people don’t care about you, they’re less likely to buy your books.

Simple as that.

That’s why continuous blogging is so important. And writing more than promotional pieces. Giving advice, generating interest, giving out free fiction. All the stuff that keeps people coming back. It’s all important.

So why is it so hard?

A few reasons:

1. I have a full-time job

That’s right. Someone is forcing me to sit in a room five days a week doing work for THEM. Rather than me.

Does it get in the way of my dreams? Of course, but they don’t seem to care.

So that’s almost a third of my time, gone. Wasted, you might say.

All so I can pay a few bills. How sad.

2. I need to sleep

You ever tried to go without this? Don’t.

I thought I could beat sleep, but in the end, she always catches up with you. The bitch.

So that’s another third of my time, gone.

3. I have to write actual fiction

The bulk of my time spent not working or sleeping I spend writing.

I write before work. I write at lunch. I write after work.

I do this because I love it, and also because I know the more I write, the better I get.

Plus, the more I write, the more I can release, and the faster I make it on the bestseller lists.

But, sometimes, it’s easy to forget that other things matter too, for being a successful writer. Such as blogging, which is less fun, and so easy to let fall by the wayside.

4. Blogging is not the only extracurricular writing activity

Blogging is important, but it sits alongside tweeting and posting on Facebook. Not to mention emailing and writing novellas to give away to build my email list.

There is a whole cavalcade of things an aspiring author needs to do to make it in the indie world, and the above is only a few. It all needs to fit in alongside your writing and blogging.

5. I have (sort of) a social life

Sometimes, I go out and do things with my friends, or my girlfriend, or my family.

Naturally, I resent them all for this.

But it does need to be done, so you don’t fall off the world. What’s the point of becoming a famous author if you don’t have people to gloat about it to?

Unfortunately, the above list is not exhaustive. There are so many things that keep you from continuous blogging and brand building, and it can be hard to keep it up.

What do I do?

I have to-do lists tracking everything I need to do for my writing every week. This keeps me balanced and allows me to make sure I am doing enough blogging, writing, social media, etc. week in, week out.

No easy task.

But, if we want to be authors.

It’s the only choice.

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