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Books are like TV you can watch in the bath (don’t say you have a TV in your bathroom. It’s dangerous. I don’t want to know)

Now you can win the chance to completely refresh your book shelf!

Entering couldn’t be simpler. Just:

  1. Pre-order my latest book Poor Choices at the reduced price of £1.99
  2. Email you order confirmation to [email protected]
  3. Sit back, relax, and read all those books you bought but never finished. You may well need the space

So click here and get pre-ordering

Meanwhile, check out the blurb for POOR CHOICES below and download the 12 chapter sample here.

A candle, stolen by accident 

An affair, against all the rules

A mugging, with an inconvenient victim

An overreaction to the ‘L’ word

The Morton’s were unassuming, unexceptional, boring

Now, as they try to rectify their poor choices, they slip further and further into dark and dangerous places…

And it won’t be long before blood is spilled

Pre-order now and good luck!

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International worst-selling author Mark Ayre has been writing since before he could pick up a pen (somehow). An author of mystery and suspense novels including the James Perry Series of mysteries.

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