The day football came home

It’s busy by the time we arrive. Not rammed. Not half as busy as it will be by kick off in an hours time, but busier than we might have hoped.

We won’t get a seat. That much is obvious right away.… Read the rest

5 reasons summer is better than winter

It’s that time again. Summer was born premature, underweight, and with little chance of survival.
It held on a while, kept alive by the foolish hopes and dreams of all those who loved it. Then, before we could get to know it, it died.
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3 reasons you should read this blog

Uh oh, look what happened. There you were, trawling the web for something important, or insightful, or entertaining. Instead, you’ve dropped through the never-ending circus of blogs and found this, my blog. Blog #758933022173827.

You want to press backspace and try again.Read the rest