Fire and Smoke

Adam and Eve Thrillers – Book 1

The twins have spent their lives on the run, but when they become separated, their incredible abilities alone might not be enough to save them…

Cursed from birth with supernatural abilities, Adam and Eve have spent their lives looking over their shoulders. Using the tips their mother taught them, they’ve managed to spend long periods undetected, living semi-normal lives. But when their pursuers strike for the second time in three days, the twins are unprepared and unable to mount an effective escape.

Despite their disadvantage, Adam and Eve believe they can evade their pursuers once again. Then Adam’s inability to leave an innocent behind leads to the twin’s separation. Until they find each other again, neither sibling will contemplate disappearing.

But with their mysterious pursuers closing in, will their determination to reunite be the downfall their mother always warned them against?

From Mark Ayre comes Fire and Smoke; book one in Adam and Eve, a series of fast-paced and action-packed thrillers fans of Dean Koontz, Lee Child and James Patterson will not be able to put down.