Abbie King Thrillers

You’ve never met Abbie King. You didn’t know you had less than forty-eight hours to live, but Abbie did, and with ruthless determination, she will act to save your life –

Or die trying…

Alex Harper Mysteries

A series of gripping mysteries featuring Lexi and Xander Harper. Packed with twists and turns and perfect for fans of Harlan Coben

Hide and Seek Trilogy

When Mercury stumbles upon a strange symbol and a dying man in the woods, she is thrown into a terrifying situation she could never have imagined.

And the whole world is at stake…

Adam & Eve Thrillers

Cursed from birth with supernatural abilities, Adam and Eve have spent their lives on the run, using the tips their mother taught them to keep one step ahead of the ruthless organisation that pursues them.

But when the enemy acquires a secret weapon, everything changes. The choice is no longer fight of flight.

It is fight or die…