Meet Mark

AKA. Alex

Hi, I’m Alex. 

I write novels under the pseudonym of Mark Ayre, and this is the section of my (Mark’s?) website where I write about myself in the third person.


Mark Ayre is the author of numerous novels and one small human.

The novels tend to be character driven suspense thrillers, often with a supernatural slant, though he has also written a series of accidental detective mystery novels.

The human tends to be a pain, mercilessly cutting into her daddy’s writing time because she thinks it’s fun/ is too little to look after herself. If you think she’s cute (you should) you should buy a Mark Ayre novel. I promise to use the proceeds to buy her toys (or wine).

Mark/ Alex also has a wife. He’s mentioning her because he loves her or because he’s about to ask her to read this and knows she will be most displeased if she isn’t mentioned.

Finally, Mark loves hearing from his readers. Want to get in touch? 

Email [email protected]