Developing that initial idea (pt. 1 – Story)

Ideas come at writers in different forms. A new character will hit you harder than the boyfriend of that cute blonde you’re checking out. A storyline will appear faster than that rash after your last night out. A new world will spread around you like the blood of that hooker you murdered “by accident”.… Read the rest

My attempts at a novel cover letter

Here’s a fact: I hate writing cover letters.

It’s the worst.

People think you should be good at it because you’re a writer, but it’s not the same. I know a lot of writers have trouble with it, too.

So I’m not going to say too much.… Read the rest

Should I plan my novel?

The question asked and answered a billion times. Everyone has thrown in their three pence on this, telling you what to do. You don’t need any more advice. Luckily, that’s not what I’m about.

I don’t care about you; I’m here to talk about me.Read the rest

Meet the Mortons

A candle, stolen by accident

An affair, against all the rules

A mugging, with an inconvenient victim

An overreaction to the ‘L’ Word

The Morton’s were unassuming, unexceptional, boring

Now, as they try to rectify their poor choices, they slip further and further into dark and dangerous places…

And it won’t be long before blood is spilled

Poor Choices is coming this November!… Read the rest

3 reasons you should read this blog

Uh oh, look what happened. There you were, trawling the web for something important, or insightful, or entertaining. Instead, you’ve dropped through the never-ending circus of blogs and found this, my blog. Blog #758933022173827.

You want to press backspace and try again.Read the rest