Man vs Bookshelf: The Damned UTD

It’s getting late on Sunday night. Ten to eleven. Five to eleven. I’ve been working hard all day. It’s hot. Record-breaking temperatures. I’m in no mood to write this blog right now.

And I’m not going to.

Today I’ve read half a Stephen King book – not known for his works of a few pages.… Read the rest

Man vs Bookshelf: Business Stripped Bare

I made a mistake, in my last blog, not mentioning what a monumental occasion both blog and book were.

That is, a monumental occasion within the scope of this challenge. Not for mankind. Mankind doesn’t gain anything from this challenge.

In fact, as readers often point out in their emails, mankind is a real loser here.… Read the rest

Man vs Bookshelf: Red Dragon

Another week has rolled around, another blog I’ve got to write.

Had a good day yesterday – Sunday. I told you about it in my last two blogs because I started, edited and schedule them both yesterday.

I should be close to breaking even, but I’m not.… Read the rest

The day football came home

It’s busy by the time we arrive. Not rammed. Not half as busy as it will be by kick off in an hours time, but busier than we might have hoped.

We won’t get a seat. That much is obvious right away.… Read the rest

Man vs Bookshelf: Whatever You Say I Am

I’d like to welcome ya’ll to the Eminem blog.

But first, some self-pity.

I’ve spoken positvely since I returned from holiday two months ago. Things have been going well. My motivation has been sky high and I’ve been soaring through projects.… Read the rest