Man vs Bookshelf: 102 days down (+ Freakonomics)

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The stars have aligned. Following whatever it was I read last I read Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics. Two books about ‘rogue’ economics, utilising stats and data to show such things as how teachers cheat and why suicide bombers should buy life insurance. And, in reading the latter of these two books, I also passed an exciting milestone Read more about Man vs Bookshelf: 102 days down (+ Freakonomics)[…]

National Novel Writing Month: Pivot (day 19)

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DAY NINETEEN Written 20/11/2017 for 19/11/2017 Right, I talked about this in the last post. I completed National Novel Writing Month’s 50,000-word target. Now, it’s time to pivot. However, the book, which is shaping up nicely in many ways (and is a fucking disaster in many others – such is a first draft) is not Read more about National Novel Writing Month: Pivot (day 19)[…]